1 week ago
Divine Divas and Dresses!!! What a fun night we will always remember! Well done to all involved, and thank you so much maltaphilharmonicorchestra g7eventsmalta and kenjoboutiques for this gorgeous dress…
1 month ago
Finally got out of the house today for something other than a walk or an errand! Had a fun time in the studio today... and also the first time I drove in seven months!!! @maltairport maltaphilharmonicorchestra…
1 month ago
Excited to be giving my second Online Masterclass for young singers AND non-singers, and ANYONE wanting to learn about singing 🙂 #singing #lovetosing #opera #learntosing #spreadlovethroughsinging #masterclasses #singingmasterclasses
3 months ago
Thank you Neil, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!